Our club is a not-for-profit incorporated organisation run solely by volunteers.

Volunteering is the best way to get to know people, connect with and give back to this wonderful community that gives us so much.

 They say "many hands make light work" and we're fortunate to have a passionate group of core volunteers, but most have careers and families of their own and need regular and ongoing support to avoid burnout. Just ask the sucker who works on this website for hundreds of hours a year between 10pm and 2am!

We understand most people are heavily committed and have time constraints. Some may not know what opportunities exist or match their skills and experience. Please don't let that stop you from actively engaging in community life. Whatever the barrier, if you're committed to giving back there's something you can contribute to the community to make a difference.

Current volunteering opportunities:

Grant Application Writers

Legal Practitioner/s to assist with review of SLC constitution and by laws

School Clinic Parent Coordinators

School Clinic Trainee Coaches

Web Developer/Ecommerce Manager (Wordpress & WooCommerce)

Graphic Designer

Marketing Manager

Merchandise Manager

Equipment Manager

Kitchen & Bar Volunteers

Senior Nationals Volunteers

Field Marking Trainees

Team Managers

Junior Parents Representative

Senior Women’s Representative

Club Historian or members willing to form a History Sub Committee

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