Under 17 Boys – 2021

The Under 17 Boys’ report as tabled, presented and accepted at the AGM Sunday 7 November, 2021

A quick summary of the 2021 season for our U17 boys. 

Whilst numbers where good we sat around the 9 to 10 actual U17s boys and were once again reliant on u15s coming up. With burnside in the same position as us we formed the blue bears. Working with the burnside coaches Kieran and Adam, our boys experienced something I believe all players should: an opportunity to learn from high level players outside of their own club.  Our players seemed to grow under the opportunity to learn from 3 coaches and even to teach and learn from other players from the Burnside team. 

Overall, I believe the team was a success. Even though we fell short in finals the way the boys came together and rallied around each other was inspiring.  

Some of our players were rewarded with an A grade opportunity, and I believe that most, if not all, of this years U17s will shortly make moves into the senior ranks. Training with the u15s, I believe was more useful for the 15s than the 17s, but im happy they did as it seemed that the entire group was well rounded and getting better each week. 

Going forward, we should endeavour to stay as a stand-alone club team to ensure the most game-time and development for our own kids, as they move through the ranks. If we are to combine again we should do so with a club who is really struggling so we have the majority of numbers and not a 50/50 split. 

Again, I think this year was a real success as a once off for our kids to learn and grow outside of the sturt lacrosse club, and I would encourage most players to put their hands up for the U18s tournament coming up in 2022, to be held in Adelaide. 

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