Under 15 Girls – 2021

The Under 15 Girls’ report as tabled, presented and accepted at the AGM Sunday 7 November, 2021

The Under 15 girls had a tough year this year.  From starting the season out as a very young team the girls developed fantastically and have shown great improvement.  An impact from not feilding an under 15 team in 2020 was that only one player had previous experience playing under the unmodified women rules.   The enthusiasm from the team was there from the start which resulted in fantastic improvement throughout the season.  

The development of the team throughout the season was fantastic to see, their skills developed and the team work was outstanding.  The strength of this group going into the future will be the team work they have and as their experience develops the team will continue to grow.  

The group would benefit from a few more players as most of the year we were reliant on under 13s playing up to field the team, while this provides great development opportunities it would be even better to see a full squad of u15s. 

Unfortunately for this age group the impacts of COVID have been significant as they have again missed out on the development opportunity that the state tournaments offer.  Because of this it is critical that the club provide some other development opportunities where possible.

I am excited to see the team continue to grow next year and have thoroughly enjoyed coaching them in 2021.

Cassie O’Connor | Coach

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