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Note: We are not tracking allocated numbers, so doubled up numbers may occur on training pinnies. Also, just because you have your preferred number on your pinnie, does NOT mean that you’ll get that number on your player jersey!

Note that choosing this number does not mean that this is your game playing number!

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This is the measurement for FINISHED GARMENT SIZE. 

To find your size, find a top that fits like you want your pinnie to fit, then measure the front of the garment about 2.5cm under the armholes from one side to the other. That is your finished garment size. 

Size 14-XS S-M L-XL 2XL-3XL 4XL-5XL
Half chest measurement 55cm 56cm 58cm 61cm 66cm
Length 66cm 68cm 72cm 77cm 82cm