Casual player match fee (seniors only) – Read Strict Conditions!



Casual players must pay their $50 game fee after each game played. Any casual player who has not paid their previous match fee will not be permitted to play another game until they have done so. Casual player game fees are set to prevent misuse of the casual player payment option to delay payment of full season fees and to achieve a fair balance between casual and full season players. A casual player playing 6 minor round games would pay $300 for the season compared to $420 for a full season player which is a saving of $120. A casual player would not pay a premium unless they played 9 games or more. Please note that casual players will be required to pay for ALL games including any finals they’re available for and invited by the team coach to play in up to 10 games per year to a total of $500. We understand this is not popular with all casual players but hope you can understand the need to be fair to players who are able to commit to a full season and pay their fees upfront. Furthermore please understand the upgraded facilities at the Women’s Memorial Playing Fields come at additional cost to SLC which is a not-for-profit organisation.

This option is only available to players who are casual players for the senior teams. Please indicate the date of the match you played and are paying for during checkout.

Please ensure that you have also registered through Gameday.