Presidents Report #2

Hi Devils,

This year has started with a BANG!!!

Our committee has begun planning for the upcoming 2023 Senior Nationals. This is going to be a huge task and we are looking for volunteers. If you are interested in helping out please see one of the subcommittee members or send them a message on socials and they will make a note.

Subcommittee is as follows:

  • Pete Greenhalgh (Chair)
  • Mike Forbes (Vice Chair)
  • Mark Newman (Finance)
  • Stacey Appleton (Secretary and Communications)
  • Kristin Greenhalgh (Beverage Manager)
  • Mel Robjohns (Food Manager)
  • Pete Green (Grounds manager)
  • Mark Wilson (Building Manager) 
  • Tom Lauck (General)

We are very close to appointing coaches to all teams, however we have appointed Mens State League Coach Paul Kernaghan. Paul put together a great application including the involvement of two of the sports most knowledgeable heads… Robert “Henry” Lawson (Glenelg) and Cam Adams (Brighton). It is going to be so great for our new young players to hear from these seriously lax smart gents. It is going to be an exciting year for our Men’s State League team.



The Senior Men started training on the 2nd of February. We also had a visiting guest from Japan, Kenta Matsumura from the Waseda Red Bats who we hope to see more of. “Coach Kernas” says he is going to be strict on a “2 trainings” policy this year. He is really looking for a commitment from the players and the committee is backing him on this. It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Sturt’s junior girls have also hosted another visiting team from overseas. We were lucky enough last year to host a team from Taiwan and this year we met a team of talented girls from Hinuera, New Zealand. The girls played a fantastic game of lacrosse before sharing a meal and getting to meet new people from another country. It was amazing to watch. And I enjoyed having a chat with Coach Jason and hearing how he got into the sport of lacrosse. He is very passionate about the sport of lacrosse and loves being able to “Grow the Game”.



Still on the ladies game, there are a number of new rules that have just been released. We will educate you on them ASAP.


Sturt has 2 members playing in South Australia’s first women’box lacrosse team.

One of those young women is Amy Millbank. When Amy is not at the beach, she is making waves on the lacrosse field. Amy has achieved so much in lacrosse at such a young age:
  • U15 rep teams 2018, 2019
  • First State League Game at 15 years old 2019
  • U18 State team 2022 after a season off with injury
  • Coaching 2019, 2020 & 2022
  • A whole host of junior awards
Amy says she has always taken the opportunity to play up a grade ever since she started… it’s no wonder you have developed in to a fantastic young player.
“Lacrosse is forever going to be my favourite sport and I am glad that I will be able to keep learning and growing and getting better.” This could have been said by any one of us. “Able to keep learning and growing and getting better” Playing Box Lacrosse will do that… especially if you are a young lady playing in South Australia’s first ever Womens Box Lacrosse Team! Olivia WIlson went to a SAPSASA lacrosse day and has never looked back! After the Box tourny she will be looking forward to playing U18 and Seniors this year. I have seen Liv at training and she is ferocious! She will be great at box… and she thinks all of her yellow and red cards has set her up well for it.

On behalf of the committee, I would like wish you both all the very best.




The juniors might be getting a rather big revamp too but I don’t think anything is final so we will see what eventuates on that front too.   


The current committee has now been in office for 3 months and have already had some wins.

  • Hosting Lacrosse SA Sixes
  • Hosting Hinuera Junior Girls
  • Appointing new State League Men’s coaches


Bring on season 2023!!! It’s not far away!

Keep on laxing!



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  1. Great report, so appreciate such comprehensive updates, helps us stay in touch and alert to anything we may be able to be involved or assist with K&Aj

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