Sturt Lacrosse. Inclusive, Safe & Fair.

Jennifer Buttfield

Jennifer Buttfield

Member Protection Information Officer
Jennifer Buttfield

Damien Halliwell

Child Safe Officer

Sturt Lacrosse Club has zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, abuse and other inappropriate behaviour and takes its responsibility for child protection, players, families, officials and spectators seriously.

Being proactive and reactive with Member Protection is important for any sporting club as it creates an environment that is positive, inclusive, safe and fair for all stakeholders.

You can download a copy of our Child Safe, Member Protection, Codes or Conduct and a range of other policies and resources below.

If you have any questions or wish to raise an issue please contact our Child Safe or Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) in person at the club or by email to or


We understand that raising a complaint can be a stressful undertaking. For this reason we build trust and encourage open conversation and full disclosure by ensuring that strict confidentiality is maintained between a complainant and the Member Protection Information Officer or Child Safe Officer as a single point of contact.

Save and except for where the Member Protection Information or Child Safe Officer has a legal obligation to notify authorities, the complainant's consent is required before the officer discusses the matter with any additional party.

All documents will be electronically stored in a secure drive folder or in a lockable filing cabinet or other secure means only accessible by the relevant officer. Only the Member Protection Information Officer or Child Safe Officer will have access to the relvant email addresses.

Where required, arrangements will be made to discuss the matter in person or by phone in a private setting where the conversation cannot be overheard. It is strongly recommended that discussions of this nature do not take place in any place where they could be overheard.

There are circumstances in which the Member Protection Information Officer or Child Safe Officer will be legally required to disclose the details of a complaint and identity of the complainant. South Australia has mandatory reporting laws that cover employees of, or volunteers in, an organisation that provides sporting or recreational services wholly or partially for children and young people being a person who provides such services directly to children and young people or holds a management position in the organisation, the duties of which include direct responsibility for, or direct supervision of, the provision of those services to children and young people. Where there are reasonable grounds to suspect a child or young person is, or may be, at risk; and the suspicion was formed in the course of the person's employment (or duties as a volunteer officer). The types of abuse and neglect that must be reported include physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental or emotional abuse or neglect.