Playing shorts now available for players in the women’s/girls’ teams

We have received the following response from Lacrosse SA regarding the wearing of playing shorts by teams in the women/girls competition:

“… with the exception of the goalkeeper, all team members must be dressed uniformly, ie unvarying as per the rules of the game.

Where a person’s religious beliefs, cultural beliefs or gender identity conflicts with Lacrosse SA’s standard dress code, modifications to the standard uniform will be accommodated where possible (e.g. where safety and other playing requirements can be met).

In addition, wherever possible our clubs should consider flexibility in uniforms to encourage the participation of women, girls, trans and gender diverse people and make the most appropriate choice in registering the uniform.”

If you would like the option of wearing shorts you may now order them through the online store. Please note, however, that existing orders for skorts cannot be cancelled as they are already in production. Sizing kits will be out at training for the next few training sessions.

Updated 12 April, 2022

In an update, Lacrosse SA have announced that only juniors in the Under 13s and lower may wear either shorts or skorts. Those over this age-group may only wear shorts if they meet any of the above criteria (paragraph 2 in the quote above). Lacrosse SA are also going to address this with Lacrosse Australia – as it governed by the overarching body – for future consideration.

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