Player Registration and Fees for the 2022 Season

Player registrations are now open!

Register to play through Gameday HERE or follow the link on our Memberships Page. You must be registered in order to play.

Player fees can be paid through our website. Visit the Player Registration Category on our shop and select your playing group.

Payment plans

Payment plans are now available for Under 17s and Under 18s as well as Senior Players. Payment plans will only be available to be taken out prior to 30 April. Payment plans consist of 25% upfront and then three payments of 25% every month for 3 months. Note that arrangement is only available to credit/debit card payments.

Sporting Schools Vouchers

Junior players from the age of 5 and up to (and including) year 9 students can claim $100 off their playing fees by presenting a Sporting Schools Voucher. Here’s where to get your sports voucher:

Please email your sports voucher to or provide it to Melissa Robjohns (Junior Competition Coordinator). If you don’t provide your sports voucher and have opted to pay the balance only (by selecting it in the shop), you will be issued with an invoice for the $100.

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  1. Will there be a pay as you play/ casual payment option for those of us who cannot play every week as they work FIFO?

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