Life Members of Sturt Lacrosse Club

A.H. TAYLOR–1951 (deceased)
T.D. McCORMICK–1959 (deceased)
I.W. WILES–1964 (deceased)
H.B. WICKS–1965 (deceased)
E.B. SELTH–1967 (deceased)
V.P. SELTH –1967 (deceased)
W.T. PALLANT –1967 (deceased)
Don G. GOMER–1972 (deceased)
Brian W. GOMER–1972
Edward W. BLACKLER–1972 (deceased)
David G. GOSCOMBE –1972 (deceased)
Peter J. DREW–1976
Robert K. WOOD –1976 (deceased)
Trevor TOMLINSON–deceased)
Jack LYNCH –1980 (deceased)
Sharon LYNCH– (deceased)
Peter TUCK –
David EYRE–1995
Lindsay WAPPER–
Laurence STONE–2000
John CORRELL–2003
Craig JAEGER–2003
Frank VELLA –2008
Mark NORTON–2010
John FUSS–2013

Life Members of Sturt Women's Lacrosse Club (when it merged with SLC)

Joy GOMER–(Deceased)
Elaine CRIMES –
Margaret PALANT –(Deceased)
Maralic BOWN–
Raelene DARWIN–

Guidelines for Life Membership

  1. All nominations for Life Membership must be put to the Club Management Committee
  2. Any financial member may nominate any other Club Person for Life Membership
  3. The nomination must be in writing and accompanied by the nominees Club History
  4. The nominee must have had a playing career of at least 20 years with Sturt Lacrosse Club.
  5. The nominee must have made an off field contribution over 15 years during and/or after the playing career or 10 years if the contribution is active junior coaching.
  6. If the nominee is a non-player, an outstanding commitment over 20 years to the Sturt Lacrosse Club as a volunteer in any capacity.

Guidelines for Nomination for Life Membership

  1. On receipt of a nomination the Management Committee must convene a Special Committee consisting of the President, who shall be Chairperson of the Committee, and two [2] or more Life Members.
  2. The Special Committee must assess the nomination to ensure it meets the standards as set out in the Guidelines for Life Membership.
  3. The Special Committee will give consideration to length and continuity of service, responsibility, commitment and contribution to the Sturt Lacrosse Club.
  4. The Special Committee may inform itself in any way.
  5. Having been approved by the Special Committee the nomination must be proposed at a General Meeting of the Sturt Lacrosse Club and awarded on a simple majority of those attending said meeting voting in favour of the nomination.