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Player Membership:

To become a player you must register through the SportsTG/Gameday portal via the link below, then pay your registration fees to the club. Please note that both seniors and juniors register through the same link. 

Click here to register to play

Registration fees can be paid by selecting your playing group from registration 'products' on our online store. Click the button below to go there now

Pay your registration fees

information about uniforms 


Jerseys/tops are supplied by the club but you are required to purchase your own playing shorts or skirts and socks. You can purchase these through our website here:


All player tops and jerseys will now be supplied by the club and the club will retain ownership. If you wish to reserve your playing number and top size to fit you, you will have the opportunity to do so if you have either paid your fees in full or have taken out a payment plan. Information on how to do this will be forwarded once this payment/plan is secured through our website. Be quick to secure your top/number. Please note that the tops remain the property of the club.

Playing shorts, skirts and socks are all available to purchase through the website.

A note about socks and compression garments:

Our new uniform specifies that socks are to be the club socks (navy with sky blue STURT text) in either the crew or anklet length. They are available to purchase here. If you arrive with the wrong socks, you will be asked to change or not play.

Similarly, new uniform guidelines state that visible undergarments (shirts, compression shorts/leggings) are to be Black.