Gala Day – the lowdown!

The day has finally arrived!

We are moving in and our first Gala Day is happening Saturday! Here’s all the information you’ll need to know.

Parking and access:

Please note the parking areas on the map above. Gate 1 will be open for parking and access to the grounds is via the stairs to Helen Black (field 2). There is no unauthorised access (vehicle or pedestrian) between the Gate 1 carpark and the northern end of ISAS (field 1). Please also note the yellow lines painted along the driveway adjacent to the club rooms. There is NO PARKING where the yellow lines are indicated.

Food and drinks:

The Devils Canteen will be open early serving freshly brewed coffee and Vili’s pies, pasties and sausage rolls etc, plus toasted sandwiches. Drinks will be available through the canteen until 3pm. The bar opens at 12pm.

We have Spuds’n’More’ food truck on site selling nachos, baked potatoes, yiros and hot dogs. Gluten free and vegetarian options will be available.

Cocktail hour:

Thanks to Tyla Scuteri and Karl Anglish, we’re having a celebratory cocktail hour after the opening ceremony serving Devil Margaritas and Lacrosso Martinis.

How you can help

Have you put your hand up to help out in the canteen or bar? There are spaces vacant in the evening in the bar during the State League Men’s match that need filling, so if you are over 18 and can help out, please speak to Felicity Evans ASAP! There’ll be lots of other ‘little’ but vital jobs that need doing too, so please come forward and help make this long-awaited event a HUGE success!

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