Gala Day preparations

Our clubrooms and grounds were set for practical completion today (6 May) and we have an anticipated ‘hand-over’ date of Thursday 12 May.

Just in time for our first home matches and gala day in nearly two years!

It will be a very exciting day next Saturday when all our teams play at home (watch this space for further information) and our three senior teams play in the afternoon in a triple header with the state league men playing under our new lights from 6.30pm!

We have booked a food van (Spuds’n’more) to serve delicious baked potatoes, nachos, yiros and hot dogs – with Gluten Free, vegetarian and vegan options – for lunch and dinner. We will also be selling Villis pies, pasties and sausage rolls along with toasted sandwiches and drinks from our new canteen! The new bar will be open from 12pm.

We will need volunteers to help to work in the canteen and bar – if you have your Responsible Service of Alcohol certification WE WANT YOU! We also need responsible people to help serve in the canteen. Children under the age of 14 are not permitted to serve or be in the kitchen/bar area. Only those over 18 are permitted behind the bar. I will be posting a roster for each team to take a turn in the canteen and providing this to each team manager. Please help us on this very important day!

Please feel free to speak directly to Felicity Evans 0439 847 334 to see how else you can help on the day!

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  1. Thanks for that exciting email Felicity Allan and I could possibly help with the canteen certainly happy to sell pies and pasties or soft drinks etc quite possibly we can even bring a stool to sit on and stay for an extended period provided it’s not at Sparrow fart i.e not early morning! See you at the seconds game today possibly

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