Women’s Division 1 – 2021

The Division 1 Women’s report as tabled, presented and accepted at the AGM Sunday 7 November, 2021

Due to the limited number of U18s and the number of seniors that needed an opportunity for experience the decision was made to step up into Div 1 this year.

Although this has been a tough year without any wins the commitment that was show by each player and the effort made at training was evident in the improvement that was made each week which was recognised by the umpires and opposition throughout the season.

We were lucky to have a couple of key players rejoin Sturt which balanced the departure of others.

Being the first year in Div 1 with a very young side I see great opportunities here in this playing group for development and the strong bond that has formed within this team is evident in the respect that was shown on and off the field.

I would like to add a thanks to all the support throughout the year, I would like to highlight all the people that committed to the team. Kathy Lane for helping me coach this year and Jenine Brown as manager.  Ellice Lowe for helping out at training and providing great feedback on drills. Amy Millbank for also providing support at the games and training.

To each and everyone of the players what an amazing achievement in stepping up and showing us a level of maturity in your game and commitment to the team and Sturt. As a club we need to remind yourselves that winning comes from understanding the achievements made on and off the field, it is from the support that is given to each other and the development steps taken together that will build there game. Culture is a key ingredient to making our club the place to be and providing opportunities at all levels for up and coming players. 

Moving forward for 2022 I would recommend continuing in Div 1 depending on commitment of players. Other areas would be a non playing coach, to be able to continue the focus of development and culture for our senior women.

Yvette Usher  |  Coach

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