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Come & Try for Kids (School Aged Boys & Girls)

Our Junior Development coaches are experienced with children of all ages, confidence and skills levels. We create a welcoming, supportive and fun experience for all kids who attend our come and try sessions.

We understand that not all kids are confident trying new things, in new surroundings or around new people. They may be afraid they'll look silly, get hurt, "won't be good at it" or won't fit in. If you have any concerns or need any special assistance or support, please contact our Junior Development Manager to discuss your needs. Whether it be having a first session where your child comes just to watch or having a parent, sibling or caregiver join them, we'll make sure we do everything we can to understand your child's needs and ensure they have a positive experience and hopefully lot's of fun. 

There's never a bad time to come and try lacrosse. At Sturt we run come and try sessions throughout the year.

During the winter preseason in March and April we run Come & Try Sessions on Thursday nights between 5:30 and 6:30pm (excluding Easter).

Once the winter season commences, we can offer come and try sessions with our Junior Development Team at any time by arrangement. 

From October to March we offer Come & Try sessions during weeks of our summer competitions. Stay posted for more information on summer come and try sessions later in the year.

Want to register?

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