The Game Sense Approach

If you're a parent or caregiver trying to find the first or a new sport for your child, taking a few minutes to read this information on the Game Sense Approach will be of great value to you and your child/ren.

Have you ever found yourself listening to the simplified argument that there's nothing wrong with the way things have always been done and thinking just how wrong this assertion is?

When it comes to parenting, caring for and teaching children, we've evolved from the authoritarian methods of the past and adopted evidence best practice to raise and educate healthier, happier children.

But as many sports clubs rely on volunteers to coach junior teams, usually parents and former players with no formal training, many of these coaches are still using the same boring drills and the directive coaching style their coaches used when they were kids.

These dated methods result in children spending significant amounts of time in lines doing boring repetitive drills and listening to a coach talk.

All the available evidence from sports science research shows us that this is boring, unfulfilling, an impediment to the development of young players and can result in children and/or their parents/caregivers withdrawing them from participation in sport.

How is Sturt Lacrosse Different?

At Sturt Lacrosse we've worked with experts in the field of sports science and education to ensure all participants receive the best possible coaching and sporting experience.

As a result, Sturt Lacrosse have adopted the Game Sense Approach, a player-centered approach to coaching that:

  • engages children in minor and modified game strategies and concepts where there are opportunities to develop both skills and an understanding of the tactics of the game.
  • encourages simple modifications (easier or harder) to accommodate varying ability levels and therefore maximises inclusion and challenge.
  • modifies game rules, the playing area or the equipment for the purpose of highlighting aspects of the game.
  • promotes the development of ‘thinking players’.

One expert Sturt Lacrosse Club have worked with is Associate Professor Shane Pill PhD, MEd, BEd, LMACHPER, FACHPER

College of Education, Psychology and Social Work - Flinders University.

Shane has provided a training seminar to Sturt Lacrosse coaches and senior committee members involved in coach development and also free access to his book on the Game Sense Approach for Lacrosse "Game based coaching as deliberate practice for LACROSSE Developing the tactical-technical connection through Play with Purpose".

For further information see our Junior Coach Development page or visit below links for more information:

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