A reminder about parking at the grounds …

A gentle reminder that parking in the invalid parking spaces without a permit and on the yellow lines (or behind them in the garden…) is not permitted!

The parking restrictions (yellow lines adjacent to Helen Black [field 2] oval) have been placed there to ensure safe and easy access to the grounds and clubrooms by emergency services, so are done with our safety in mind.

Compacted road base has been applied to the ISAS (field 1) carpark which has alleviated the mud and flooding concerns so parking here should be much easier now.

We are being watched, photographed and reported so it is vital that we all observe the parking restrictions at the grounds – even on light training nights. Your committee is in the process of putting together a traffic management plan which is required by our landlords to address the parking situation and will be enacted upon.

If you see visitors parking in prohibited areas, please help us out by approaching them and prompting them to move their vehicles. Your help is appreciated!

Please don’t make us put on our grumpy parking inspector pants … !

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