Orders closing soon

The deadline for ordering training pinnies, skorts and skirts is midnight 31 March. Orders will be placed with the manufacturer on Friday April 1 to ensure delivery before round one. … Read More

A reminder to register and pay your fees!

Thank you to all who have already registered as players through the Sporting Pulse/Gameday registration process. If you haven’t done it, go on, do it now. We’ll wait. Click here.  When … Read More

WANTED: Under 11 boys coach

We’ve got a team, but no coach. Any seniors or Under 17s who aspire to coach, then the Under 11 boys NEED you. Buddy up with another person, if you want … Read More

Become a referee – SALO recruitment 2022

South Australia Lacrosse Officials (SALO) is hosting some training nights for anyone who is interested in becoming a Lacrosse official or anyone who is an official and would like to … Read More

In search of playing tops from 2021

This is Dog. He’s searching for missing playing tops from 2021. There is a number missing or never returned from the end of the 2021 season. If you have one … Read More

Place your uniform orders now!

In need of a new pair of shorts, or skorts/skirt or socks? Or maybe all of it? A bulk order for playing gear will be placed on 1 April, so … Read More

Updated Parking and Access

Due to construction works Gate 2 (our normal entrance) will be inaccessible until further notice. We have been granted access to parking and Helen Black Oval (our current training ground) … Read More