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good for society, good for business.

Today, most businesses look beyond their financial bottom line and assume a role as a good corporate citizen with responsibility to contribute to the health and well-being of the communities in which they operate.

This is not only good for society but also for the company as the public and other businesses want to do business with socially conscious companies. The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) relates to the ethical and legal behaviour by organisations in the wider community.

In response, companies of all sizes have adopted standards of sustainability and social responsibility and embraced the triple bottom line, a sustainability-based accounting method that focuses on people, prosperity and planet. In the last 20 years, the number of companies publishing CSR reports has increased significantly.

Sport sponsorships are one of the best ways for a business to create brand awareness, advertise their products and services and support their company's reputation as a valued member of society.

For years businesses have tended to spend their CSR budgets on supporting environmental or arts-based causes but increasingly sport is being seen as a way to meet social and community obligations.

Sport is regarded as a much more influential channel than the arts as it reaches and engages with more people from across the entire social and demographic spectrum.

Sport is an effective CSR medium because it boasts values that any socially responsible business should be striving for. These include fair play, transparency, equal opportunity and good community relations, all things intrinsic to the Sturt Lacrosse Community.


At Sturt Lacrosse we believe in tailoring our sponsorship packages to the specific requirements of our sponsors.

We partnership with you to develop creative ways to promote your business both within Sturt Lacrosse Club, via our social media, website, sponsored web advertising, junior program association, email marketing, event activation spaces, giveaways, event naming rights, game broadcasts, in club signage and video displays and more.

We will also provide collateral and cooperation for sponsors to promote their sponsorship and corporate social responsibility through your companies own promotional activities and channels.

We will work with sponsors to creating opportunities to connect strongly to potential customers and to target your sponsorship towards causes and outcomes that are important to your organisation.

All sponsors will be provided opportunity to develop a tailored Sponsorship Value Plan in conjunction with our Sponsorship Manager designed to assist in driving maximum return on investment through engagement with and participation in the Sturt and SA Lacrosse Community.

From our perspective, your sponsorship is vital to our work in the following areas:

  • Promoting participation to children and assisting them to develop a life long association with sport and physical activity.
  • Developing the talent of up and coming and current high performance players, coaches and officials.
  • Providing access to quality equipment and facilities.
  • Helping families of lower socio economic status with the cost of their children's participation in sport and their family's involvement in a welcoming and supportive community.
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