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Become a member

Player Membership:

To become a player you must register on through the Lacrosse SA portal, then pay your membership fees to the club. Payments can be made in cash or EFT over the counter at the club or by bank transfer.

Junior Registration Link
Senior Registration Link

Other Membership:

Our Rules (the Constitution) specify who the club’s members can be. They are players of course, Patrons, Life Members, Officers (elected at the AGM), Coaches and Associate Members.

Associate Members have to be a past Officer, past coach, past player or game official or parent, grandparent or guardian of present or past players, and the Committee has to formally approve their Membership application - they have a vote at AGMs.

Your club’s committee has decided to introduce an additional type of membership to be known as a Social Members. Social members can be anybody who supports the club and you can join up by simply asking any committee member or by filling out the form below and paying your membership fee.  

All Social and Associate Members will receive a club stubby holder once membership fee has been paid.

Social/Associate Membership Application form