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(current as amended at 24 November 2013 AGM)
 1.         NAME
The name of the club is the “Sturt Lacrosse Club Incorporated”.
The objects for which the club is established are

(a)     To provide facilities and equal opportunities for its members for the playing of lacrosse and such other sport as the committee may from time to time determine.

(b)     To do all things which the Club or the committee there of may think necessary or desirable for promoting the recreation, accommodation and comfort of its members.

(c)      To make such arrangements as may be thought desirable, whether by purchase, leasing or licence, for use by the Club of land and premises as may be necessary or suitable for the purpose of, or conveniently used in connection with, any of the objects of the Club.

(d)     To take all such steps as may be necessary or desirable to enable the Club to sell liquor to its members pursuant to the Licensing legislation for the time being enforced in the State of South Australia

(e)      To promote and hold either alone or jointly with any other association, clubs or persons, meetings, competitions and matches for sports, facilities for the playing of which are provided by the Club and to offer, give or contribute toward prizes, medals or awards and to promote, give or support dinners, balls and other entertainments.

(f)      To hire and employ agents, servants and workmen and to pay them in return for services rendered to the Club, salaries, wages, gratuities and pensions.

(g)     To establish, promote or assist in establishing or promoting and subscribe to, or become member or, or associated or amalgamated with, any other Club, the establishment or promotion of which may be beneficial to this Club, and join and become a member of, any authority controlling Lacrosse or any other sports, for which the facilities are provided by the Club in South Australia for the time being.

(h)     To invest and deal with moneys of the Club not immediately required, upon such securities and in such manners as may from time to time be determined by the committee of the Club for thew time being.

(i)       To support or subscribe to any charitable public body.

(j)      To do all other such lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.  
The profits (if any) arising from the transactions of the Club shall be applied to the furtherance of the Clubs objectives and shall not be distributed amongst, nor shall it be an object of the Club, to secure pecuniary profit for the members.

4.         MEMBERSHIP
(a)    The Club shall consist of the following classes of Ordinary Members: –

         i.           All Officers of the Club

        ii.           All coaches of the club

       iii.           Playing Members

      iv.           Associate Members

        and shall comprise such members respectively, as the committee shall from time to time determine.

(b)    The following are permitted classes of Honorary Members:

         i.           The players of any sporting club who visit the Club on any day for the purpose of competing against the Sturt Lacrosse Club Incorporated, shall be Honorary Members of the Club for that day

        ii.           The official of the club referred to in sub-paragraph (i) hereof, provided that the maximum number of official shall not exceed ten (10), shall be Honorary Members of the Club for that day

       iii.           The committee and/or Honorary Secretary shall have the power to elect as an Honorary Member, for any period not exceeding one month. Any person who is a member of an interstate lacrosse club which is visiting Adelaide.

      iv.           The name of the Honorary Member, and the name of the lacrosse club of which the Honorary Member, is a member shall be recorded in the book known as “ The Honorary Members’ Book”

       v.           The name of the Honorary Member shall enjoy all the privileges of Ordinary Members, save and except as follows: –

                           i.        Honorary Members shall not be eligible to be elected as members off the committee

                          ii.        Honorary Members shall not be entitled to vote on any issue

                         iii.        Honorary Member, shall not be entitled to receive any notice required to be given to Ordinary Members

                         iv.        Honorary Members shall not introduce visitors to the Club.

                         vi.        Honorary Members shall not be liable to pay any entrance fee or subscription.

(c)      Every candidate for Ordinary Membership shall be proposed by one member and seconded by another member, to both of whom the candidate must be personally known.  Every proposal shall be in writing signed by the proposer and seconder and may be made either by sending to the Honorary Secretary a letter printed on a nomination form properly filled out, or by making an entry in the Candidates Book.  Every nomination shall give than name, residence and profession or occupation of the candidate, the name of any other clubs of which the candidate may be a member and any further information which the Committee may from time to time prescribe by By-Laws, or in a particular case, require.  The proposer and seconder shall also state in writing that in their belief the candidate is socially, a fit and proper person to be elected as an ordinary Member of the Club.

(d)     The candidates book shall be kept by the Honorary Secretary and shall at all reasonable times be open to inspection by the Club.  Nominations made otherwise than entry in the Candidates Book shall be copied therein with the particulars and names of the proposer and seconder by the Honorary Secretary as soon as that officer shall receive the same.

(e)     Every proposal for Ordinary Membership shall be submitted to the Committee at the meeting next following the expiration of two weeks from the date of entry in the candidates book and at such meetings, if there shall be a vacancy in the membership of the Club, the Committee shall proceed to the election or rejection of the candidate.  The candidate shall be elected by a majority of five members present and voting and the voting shall be by ballot if so desired by any member of the Committee.

(f)      Immediately upon election of a newly elected Ordinary Member, the Honorary Secretary shall send to the newly elected Ordinary Member written notice thereof together with a copy of the Constitution and Rules of the Club.  Upon payment of the entrance fee (if any) and first subscription, the newly elected Ordinary Member shall become an Ordinary member of the Club.

Associate Members shall be confined to past members, past players, officials and parents of players or past players who shall be accepted by the Committee from time to time at the subscription fee as the Committee may from time to time fix.

6.         LIFE MEMBERS
(a) All nominations for Life Membership must be put to the Club Management Committee

(b) Any financial member may nominate any other Club Person for Life Membership

(c) The nomination must be in writing and accompanied by the nominees Club History

(d) The nominee must have had a playing career of at least 20 years with Sturt Lacrosse Club.

(e) The nominee must have made an off field contribution over 15 years during and/or after the playing career or 10 years if the contribution is active junior coaching.

(f)  If the nominee is a non-player, an outstanding commitment over 20 years to the Sturt Lacrosse Club as a volunteer in any capacity.

(a) On receipt of a nomination the Management Committee must convene a Special Committee consisting of the President, who shall be Chairperson of the Committee, and two [2] or more Life Members.

(b) The Special Committee must assess the nomination to ensure it meets the standards as set out in the Guidelines for Life Membership.

(c) The Special Committee will give consideration to length and continuity of service, responsibility, commitment and contribution to the Sturt Lacrosse Club.

(d) The Special Committee may inform itself in any way.

(e) Having been approved by the Special Committee the nomination must be proposed at a General Meeting of the Sturt Lacrosse Club and awarded on a simple majority of those attending said meeting voting in favour of the nomination.
(a)     Any member may retire from membership at any time on giving to the Honorary Secretary notice thereof in writing, providing that the member shall have paid the subscriptions for the financial year in which the member retires.

(b)     Any member who dies, is expelled, or becomes bankrupt or insolvent, or makes a general assignment for the benefit of the member creditors or general composition with the member’s creditors, shall ipso facto, cease to be a member of the Club.

(c)      Any member who neglects to pay the annual subscription before the 13th day of June in any year, shall ipso facto, cease to be a member of the Club, provided that the Committee may at any time at its discretion, upon payment of the subscription arrears and such re-entrance fee (if any) as it may decide to inflict, re-admit any such person to membership.

(d)     All persons ceasing to be members of the Club shall ipso facto, forfeit all right or claim upon the Club or its property.

(a)     The annual subscription shall be such sum as the Committee shall from time to time fix, and shall be payable in advance on the fifteenth day of April in each year for the next ensuing twelve months, provide that at no time shall the minimum subscription be less than $10.00.

(b)     Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution and Rules contained, it shall be lawful for the Committee from time to time to decide that no subscription shall be payable by the members in respect of any period specified by the Committee.   During any such period each existing member of the Club who shall have paid all subscriptions due up to the time in respect of which subscriptions are suspended, shall be entitled to exercise all the privileges of a member.

(c)      The relevant annual subscription which is due as hereinbefore provided on the fifteenth day of April, shall be paid by every member who is liable to pay a subscription for which the subscription is due.

(a)   The officers of the Club shall consist of:

                              i.        Patrons,

                             ii.        President,

                            iii.        Vice-Presidents (the number of whom may be fixed from time to time at an AGM of the Club),

                            iv.        Life Members

                             v.        Secretary,

                            vi.        Treasurer,

                           vii.        Junior Boys Manager 

                          viii.        Junior Girls Manager 

                            ix.        Junior Recruitment Manager

                             x.        Junior Social Program Manager

                            xi.        Lacrosse Operations Manager-Men

                           xii.        Lacrosse Operations Manager-Women

                          xiii.        Bar And Canteen Manager

                         xiv.        Game Day Catering Manager

                          xv.        Senior Social Program Manager

                         xvi.        Fields, Match Equipment and Field Set Up Manager

                        xvii.        Buildings Manager

                       xviii.        Two Honorary Auditors.

(b)    The Officers (with the exception of Life Members) shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting and shall hold office until the next succeeding Annual General Meeting, when they shall retire, but be eligible for re-election.

 (c)   In the event of the position of any officer (other than Life Members) not being filled at an Annual General Meeting or otherwise becoming vacant, the Committee may approach any person to fill such vacancy until the next ensuing Annual General Meeting.

(d)    The responsibilities and duties of the Officers of the Club are as set out in Schedule 2.

(a)    The business and affairs of the Club shall be managed by a committee consisting of all Officers of the Club (except Patrons, Vice Presidents, Life Members and Hon Auditors), who shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting. 

(b)    Such Committee may exercise all such powers and do all such acts and things as the Club is authorised to exercise and do, and which are not by the Constitution and Rules of the Club, directed or required to be exercised or done by the Club at a General Meeting.

(c)    The Committee may from time to time make and alter By-laws regulating the use of the Clubhouse by members, the admission of guests to the Clubhouse, and generally for the good conduct of the affairs of the Club.  Such By-laws shall, provided they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Rules of the Club for the time being, be binding on all members and be construed as part of the Constitution and Rules until they are rescinded or varied by the Club at a General Meeting.

(d)    The Committee may form or dissolve at it absolute discretion, standing or special purpose subcommittees of its members and/or appoint Ordinary Members to subcommittees so formed, to conduct business of the Clubs as defined and within limits specified by the Committee.  

(a)     The Secretary shall at least seven (7) days before any Committee Meeting give notice of such meeting.

(b)     At all meetings of the Committee, the chairperson shall be the President and if the President is absent from any such meeting, Committee members present will elect a chairperson for the meeting.  The chairperson at all meetings shall have the right of a casting vote.

(c)      The quorum of a Committee shall be five (5) members, present in person.  If within thirty (30) minutes from the time appointed for the meeting, a quorum is not present, the meeting shall be dissolved.

(d)     From a decision of the Committee on all matters coming within it power, there shall be no appeal unless and until ordered by the vote of a majority of members at a General Meeting of the Club.

(12  to 19 deleted on 24/11/2013)
(a)        The Honorary Auditors shall audit the accounts of the Club and certify the Honorary Treasurers books of account for each Annual General Meeting.

(b)        The Honorary Auditors shall audit all financial transactions, carried out on behalf of the Club for such activities as social, bar and equipment.

21.       ALL ACTS VALID
All acts of the Committee or of any members thereof, or any Officer of the Club, shall be deemed to be valid, notwithstanding that it may afterwards be discovered that some defect existed in the appointment of the Committee, or of any member thereof, or of the Officer in question.

The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held following the conclusion of each playing season, when:-

(a)   The reports of the President on the past season and the Treasurer’s Report, duly audited, shall be submitted for approval or not

(b)   Officers shall be elected for the ensuing year

(c)   Any other business as may arise.

The date and time and place of the meeting shall be notified in writing at least seven (7) days prior to the date of such meeting by the Secretary to all bona fide members.

(a)     The Honorary Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting of the Club at any time when requested to do so by the Committee or on the receipt of a requisition signed by six financial members, such requisition to state the nature of the business proposed to be dealt with at the meeting.

(b)     At least seven (7) days notice shall be given by the Honorary Secretary to each member and the notice shall contain any particulars of the business to be transacted at the Special General Meeting

(c)      No business other than that stated on the notice may be transacted at any Special General Meeting.

At all General Meeting the chair shall be taken by the President and in the event of the President not being present at the commencement of the meeting, the Chairperson shall be elected by the meeting.  Every question (unless otherwise expressly provided by the Constitution and Rules) shall be decided by the majority of votes.  Every member shall have one vote and in the case of equality of votes the Chairperson shall have the right of a casting vote.  The quorum at such a General Meeting shall be ten (10) members present in person.

25.       TROPHIES
At the end of each playing season, the Club will award trophies as set out in Schedule 1 herein.  

The trophies and methods of selection in Schedule 1 may be varied from time to time by the management committee as business and affairs of the Club in accordance with and subject to the provisions related to management of the Club in section 10 herein.  

The President must cause advice to the Club’s members of any such change to be given at least at the first Annual General Meeting to occur after a decision to change scheule1 is made.

(a)     The Club shall have a Common Seal and such Common Seal shall only be affixed to an instrument by authority of a resolution of the Committee previously, and in the presence of at least two seal holders and the Honorary Secretary of the Club, who shall sign every instrument to which the Seal shall be so affixed and every such instrument shall be countersigned by the Honorary Secretary.

(b)     Every member of the Committee shall be a seal holder of the Club.

(c)      Upon any seal holder ceasing to be a member of the Committee, such seal holder shall ipso facto, cease to be a seal holder.

The public officer required by the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act 1956-65 shall be appointed by the Committee of the Club and shall continue to be the Public Officer until he dies, or resigns, or is removed by the Committee.
28.       INDEMNITY
The members of the Committee, Honorary Secretary and other Officers of the Club and their respective executors and administrators, shall be indemnified and saved harmless out of funds of the Club from and against, costs, losses, damages and expenses which they, or any of them shall, or may incur or sustain, in or about the execution of their respective offices, or in or about any contracts or agreements made by them, for and on behalf of the Club, or in the furtherance of the objectives of the Club, except such charges or expenses as shall be incurred or sustained, by or through their own wilful default, and none of them shall be answerable for the others of them, nor for joining in any receipt for the sake of conformity only, not for any banker, broker or other person with whom any moneys or effects belonging to the Club shall or may be lodged for safe custody, sale or investment or otherwise, nor for the insufficiency of any security on which any moneys belonging  to the Club may be placed out, or invested , nor for any other misfortune, loss or damage which may happen in the execution of their respective offices, or in any way in relation thereof, except the same shall happen by or through their own wilful default respectively, and no member of the Committee or Officer of the Club shall be liable to repay any money which the member did not personally receive and misappropriate.
The Constitution and Rules or any part thereof, may be added to, repealed or amended, by resolution at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of the members present and voting thereon, provided that notice of the proposed addition to, repeal, or amendment of the Constitution and Rules to be made at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting, shall be given by the Honorary Secretary at least fourteen (14) days before the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.

The Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Constitution and Rules and of any Regulations or By-Laws made there under and the decision of the Committee upon any question of interpretation or upon any matters affecting the Club and not provided for by the Constitution and Rules or by any Regulations or By-Laws made there under, shall be final and binding upon the Members.

 31.       WINDING UP
No resolution for the winding up of the Club shall be deemed to have passed unless notice to propose a resolution to that effect at a Special General Meeting shall have been given to the members and unless such proposition shall have been carried at such meeting by at least four-fifths of those voting at such meeting.
(a)     Every member shall be allowed to introduce visitors to the Club, subject to such By-Laws as the Committee shall from time to time determine.  No member shall introduce more than one visitor on any one day while a permit Section 67 of the Licensing Act 1967 is in force with respect to the premises of the Club.

(b)     A Visitors Book shall be kept and any member who shall introduce a visitor to the Club shall enter the date, name and address of the visitor in the book and shall sign opposite the name of the visitor.   A Visitor shall not be supplied with liquor in the Club premises unless in the company of the member who has introduced the visitor and so entered the visitor’s name in the Visitors’ Book.

(c)      No liquor shall be sold or supplied to any person under the age of eighteen (18) years.

(d)     No person under the age of eighteen (18) years shall be employed in that portion of the Club premises that is licensed under the Licensing Act 1967.

(e)     No payment or part payment of any Secretary Manager or any other Officer or servant of the Club shall be made by way of commission or allowance from or upon the receipts of the Club for liquor supplied.

(f)      A Register of members of the Club for the time being shall be kept on the Club premises.

In these Rules the word ‘liquor’ shall have the meaning given to it by the said Act.

At the end of each playing season, the Club will award three trophies for each senior and U15 and older junior team, namely;

1)    best & fairest

2)    most consistent or most valuable

3)    most improved.

U11 and U13 teams: 

At the end of each playing season an identical award (eg medal) will be made to all players who participated in the team in the season with a certificate which may include the coach’s written summary of each player’s season.
 (a)    Best & fairest

In grades where votes are cast by referees for a Lacrosse SA best and fairest award, the trophy will be awarded to the Sturt player with the highest vote count in the Lacrosse SA award.  

The Best and Fairest trophy in teams where there is no equivalent Lacrosse SA award will be awarded on votes the team coach makes during the season.  The team coach may consult with who-ever she or he wishes but should assess everyone on the team scoresheet for each game for the season.  A player who is reported and found guilty is ineligible for a B&F trophy.

(b)     Most consistent or most valuable player

One trophy for either the most consistent player or most valuable player, decided by the team coach who may consult whoever she or he wishes, on his or her assessment of who the most consistent or most valuable player was over the whole season, looking equally at all who played in the team that season.   Mens League Wiles Trophy is decided on the votes of the players and coaches for all players on the League list.

(c )     Most improved

The most improved player is decided by the team coach, who may consult whoever she or he wishes, on his or her assessment of which player improved more than all others over the season, looking equally at all who played in the team that season.

(a)     Supporters Award

The ‘Supporters Award’ is an award for a mens league player, decided by opposition supporters vote as to who the most damaging Sturt player in each men’s league game.  The ‘Supporters Award’ is a privately organised award, awarded only with the consent of the management Committee in each season. 

(b)     Coaches Award

Team coaches may make an award (or awards) to a player (in addition to the club trophies set out in clause 22.1 hereof) where they believe special recognition is warranted.  Coaches awards may only be given with the agreement of the management Committee which must be consulted by the coach prior to presentation. 

The trophies named in this clause are perpetual and may only be changed by a vote of a majority of Club Members at a General Meeting on the recommendation of the Management Committee.

(a)       P.J. Cook Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the best and fairest player in the Mens League team. 

Donated by the Cook family in memory of their son who played for the Sturt Lacrosse Club in the 1930s. 

(b)       The Plymptonian Womens Lacrosse Club Don Gomer Award

Awarded to the Womens Best and Fairest in the Womens League team (or in most senior womens team entered in the season)

Commenced by the Plympton Womens Lacrosse Club in 1963, its origins being in the Plympton High School team founded and run by Don and Joy Gomer, and with 3 other womens teams generated by the Gomers, was the foundation of Womens Lacrosse in SA.  The trophy honours Don and Joy’s, contribution to the Plympton WLC and through it, to womens lacrosse in SA; it was presented to the B&F player of the Plympton WLC from 1963 to 1977 and was then donated to the Sturt WLC in 1978.  Since 1978 it has been awarded to our Club’s senior women’s team best and fairest player.

(c)        The Wiles Trophy

Awarded to the Mens League Most Valuable Player; decided on the votes of the players and coaches on the League list.

Donated by the Wiles family in memory of Ivor and Jim Wiles, father and son.  Both played for the Sturt Lacrosse Club in the senior grade over many years, Ivor in the 1940s and 50s and Jim from 1960.  Ivor was a Club and Association high office holder for many years and chief junior recruiter in the 1950s.  Ivor and Jim both passed away in 2000. 

(d)       Frank McHugh Trophy.

Awarded to the under 17 Boys Best and Fairest.

Donated by the McHugh family in memory of Frank.  Frank played for Sturt as a goalkeeper in the 1970s and wife Leonne played for the Sturt Womens Club also.  Frank was tragically killed in a car accident.

(e)       Alan Jennings Trophy

Awarded to the under 15 Boys Best and Fairest.

Donated by Alan who was a champion attack player for Sturt from the 1960s continuously to the late 1980s; Alan is one of the Clubs most decorated players.

(f)        Don Gomer Award for Junior Girls

Awarded to the most promising junior female player. 

Donated by Don who was a champion attacking midfield player from the 1950s continuously into the 1970s, he was the senior team’s goalkeeper in his last few years on the field, Don is one of the Clubs most decorated players and coached the senior men, women’s and juniors teams.

(g)       The Harley Trainor Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the Mens Reserves (Div 1) Most Valued Player; decided on the votes of the team’s players and/or the team’s coach, at the coached discretion.

Donated by the Harley Trainor’s family in2010 in  memory of Harley who played for the Sturt Lacrosse Club’s Reserves team from the 1980s to 2007.  Harley passed away in October 2009 after a long battle with cancer. 

5          CLUB TROPHIES
At the end of each playing season, the following Club trophies will be awarded.

(a)     Jack and Sharon Lynch Award

Awarded to the Mens League player who is the an outstanding team player and makes a significant off-field contribution to Club during the year.  

Donated by Jack and Sharon Lynch.

(b)     Joy Gomer Award

Awarded to a female Club member who makes the outstanding contribution to the Club on and off the field for the season. 

Donated to the Club in memory of Joy Gomer.

(c )     President’s Award

The President may in any year at his or her own discretion make an award to a Club member who has contributed to the Club on or off the field, above and beyond “the call of duty” in the current season and recent past seasons, but has not otherwise been recognised.


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